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Actress Liza Soberano and TV Host Raymond  Gutierrez were critized by netizens after they posted an allegedly 'sexist' comments about Floyd Mayweather via their respective Twitter accounts.

Soberano, tweeted “Gay asf #hugggggggin” and  “He’s fighting like a girl hitting him in the balls.

While Gutierrez tweeted:“Mayweather clearly has a v*gina”.

Both homophobic tweets for the undefeated Mayweather which has been deleted from their accounts were critized by netizens.

Raymond responded quickly to his previous post,who tweeted
 “Calm your tittays! I love people with vaaginas as much as you do! I’m just saying Mayweather has one" in response to his previous post about Mayweather."

On the other hand,Liza Soberano apologized for her alleged 'sexist' tweets for Mayweather after receiving some negative comments also from her followers.

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