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This 2018, year of the dog, looks like the lucky year for the Comedy Queen AiAi Delas Alas since she celebrated her 3rd year as an endorser of Hobe. The brand is known for 2 decades under Marikina Food Corporation,one of the Philippines pioneer in producing high quality food products.

Recently, the Comedy Queen AiAi Delas Alas shared with bloggers that she is happy for all the endorsements that she has like Hobe that take years. She also shared the reason why such brand keeps her because they believe and trust her ability to promote it with good outcome as well.

From endorsements to TV projects, AiAi is very thankful with all the flourishing blessings she received this year.

It's a tradition in Filipino culture to prepare pancit for special occasions such as birthday for 'long life.' And Ai-Ai, who has always been cooking the classic Filipino dish using Hobe, is no exception. 

Last year, she opened her restaurant business "Ai Sarap Express" that offers the combination of Chinese and Filipino food and the best menu is their pasta/noodles using Hobe cooked by their chef NiƱo.

Aiai also shared her plan of expanding her business by opening its second branch in Marikina soon, and three more branches around Metro Manila.

For more info, visit Hobe official website at and for updates visit Hobe official Facebook page at HOBE PHILIPPINES.
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